Online Absence and Leave Management App through Mobile Devices with Chatbot

Online leave request program. Manage leave quotas and separate types of leave freely as required. Supports various approval levels. Leave requests can be made through mobile application with AI Chatbot.

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Submitting Leave Request with AI Chat

Leave requests can be made conveniently through mobile app with AI chatbot. For instances, making sick leave request by sending a message saying “I’d like to ask for a sick leave request form” to the chatbot.

Completed form can be submitted directly to an authorized approval person via chatbot and approver can make approval instantly through mobile device.

Chatbot will notifies the employee immediately as the approver submit the approval.

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Leave type

Leave Management

Specify Various Leave Types Flexibly

Supports various creation of leave types and unlimited specifications of paid time off depending on your company policy

Also supports pro-rated calculation of leave entitlement that varies upon each employee’s hiring period for instances, employee with shorter than 3 months hiring period will have a leave quota of 6 days.


Check Remaining Leave Quotas through Chatbot

Allows specification of quotas by leave types. Report leaves usage in an easy to read table format makes validation of each employee’s leave usage easy.

Employee can check remaining leave quotas instantly through chatbot by typing “Check my remaining leave quotas”, the system will display remaining leaves by type instantly which helps reduces workloads off the HR department.

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Leave Type


Specify Holiday as Required

Specify holiday as required by the company policy. Allow generalized specification or specification by team, department, or branches as required.

Supports addition of company’s holiday and notifies the employee instantly via the app.


Holiday Data Retrieval through Mobile App

Each employee can retrieve their personal holiday quota as well as seeing team members’ leave days instantly and conveniently through mobile app.

The system will notify the employee and team members through calendar menu on the mobile app instantly as leave requests are made, enabling employee to be aware of their team members leave dates.


Available on iOS & Android

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