Workforce Management

Solution for Workforce and Team Management by Department or Branch

Allows creation of various approval levels and specification of various levels of approvers. Creates team freely with no restriction of department or branch. Approval rights could be assigned separately and department or branch could be created as required.

Workforce Management

Unlimited Creation of Team or Department

Team management program that allows creation of team or department with various level freely as required. Assign responsible person or supervisor by department as needed.

Allows specification of rights separately. Supports employee and workforce management in a more orderly manner.

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Workforce Management

Supports Various Forms Creation

Each businesses form requirements varies differently depending on each business needs, OneDee supports unlimited form creation for instances leave request form, expense reimbursement request form, OT request form, etc.

Request forms and various approval levels can be designed and specified as required. Authorization of various requests for instances: leave request, reimbursement request, time attendance request, and requests for documents can be specified separately by department or branch.

Workforce Management

Supports Various Approver Levels

Allows creation of approval levels, approval system, and team with no restriction of departments. Authorization rights can be specified separately. Makes workforce management more convenient.

Making requests approval easier as OneDee supports flexible management of approval steps and allows various approval levels.

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Workforce Management

Specify Work Schedule and Holiday by Team

Specify work hours, holiday, and break time separately by team.

Create leave quotas by team and specify each team’s statutory leave quotas as a fixed prorated or varies upon hiring period prorated leave allowance.

Create holiday entitlement separately by team and allow instant addition of holiday.

Available on iOS & Android

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