OneDee Chatbot

Organizational Chatbot System, Your Employee’s HR Personal Assistant

Workplace communication app, acts as your HR personal assistant. Supports creation of internal team chat room. Helps separate work from personal issues which promotes focus on work. Allows team supervisor to reach out to team members more easily.

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AI Chatbot

HR Chatbot, Your Personal Assistant

Your personal HR assistant through AI Chatbot, facilitates communication via chat messaging with an easy to understand language. Request forms and various other requests could be made instantly via chat, more convenient and speedy.

OneDee Chatbot

Team Messaging app

A Convenient Workplace’s Team Messaging

Supports creation of group chat with unlimited workplace communication, encourages separation of work from personal issues.

Also supports files, images and location sharing as well as making tasks assignment to team members. Makes work progress tracking more effortless.

Workplace Communication

An Online Tasks Assignment through Group Chat

Improves team collaboration by assigning tasks via group chat. Specify work detail, meeting date and time, images, and meeting locations more easily and conveniently.

Team members can share ideas and feedback instantly in order to collaborates and accomplish tasks faster which will improve work efficiency.

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Check In & Share Location

Location Coordinates Sharing from GPS

Allows team member to check-in on ground in case of having out of office duties for instances, meeting with client. Supports image attachment and instant comments.

Also supports clocking in and out for work from home cases. Highly convenient, supports various working styles.

Available on iOS & Android

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